Varkaus Main Church

Savontie 1, 78300 Varkaus


Church History

  • The second church building in the history of Varkaus Congregation is planned by architect Martti Paalanen.
  • The church has seats for 1 100 people. The nave is 17 meters high and 45 meters long narrowing step by step towards the choirs. The church houses a rare organ of romantic style with 50 registers and 4 transitional registers. The organ is made by Kangasala Organ Factory.
  • The Pulpit is decorated by wooden sculptures by T.J. Korpi. The glass painting in the hall of the church describes the Saviour's journey with his diciples on the way to Emmaus after the resurrection. It is made by Y. Forsström according to Paalanen's design.

The Alter Fresco

  • The alter fresco is 242 m2 in size. It is the largest in Scandinavia as far as it is known. The fresco is painted by professor, artist Lennart Segerstråle in 1953-1954.
  • The fresco is called "Your Kingdom Come". The fresco is divided into three parts horizontally.
  • In the lowest part people are living without God. Their lives are gloomed by unbelief, the results of sinful life, property, despair, antheism, bitterness and cynicism.
  • Man is kneeling in front of the figure of Christ dominating the middle part. He has seen his life hopeless without Christ and his atonement on the cross.
  • The cross rising from Christ's heart tells us about God's love for people. Christ is delivering blessing to people's lives with his right hand.
  • On both sides of the figure of Christ Varkaus source of livelihood is described. On the left a view from the paper mill, and on the right a farmer family.
  • On upper left God's angels are helping people.
  • On the right "the old being" living in a Christian is born again by Christ's grace.
  • Highest on the fresco there is a dove as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. His actions described by rays of the sun reach all human life.
  • A small dove as a sign on the left lower corner tells us about the artist's trust in God's leadership in his work.